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Stave Walls

The crane setting a section of the stave wallDear Friends,

Way too much time between posts! Sorry about that. The pace of the building demands full attention.

Last time we were erecting the first stage of the timberframe.

The nest stage was setting up the stave wall. Bellow you can three pictures of this stage:

Stave Walls

Inside view of stave wall

Stave Walls

East view of stave wall


Timber Frame and Framing

It’s been a long time, too long, in posting the advances at Eagleyew.

As detailed in my first two posts, the foundation was poured, the Faswall wall was layed and poured and then came the timber frame.

A few weeks ago, the Douglas Fir from Eaglenest were felled, cut, milled on site and sent to the Woodland Boatworks and Timberframe shop for preparation and application of a wood protecting compound (Woodbliss).

Then the prepared timbers were shipped to the Eagleyewcontruction  site and pre-assembled before building as shown bellow:

Timber Frame floor assembly

Timber Frame floor assembly

Once all necessary preassembly was done, a crane was hired to help in erecting the frame. In a single day, the first part of the building was achieved, as shown bellow:

Beggining of erection of timber frame

A second view views on the same day:

Erection of Timber Frame

And a third one:

Third view of timber frame erection

Work pace is accelerating, with more people attending Eagleyew. Next step, the stave wall, coming tomorrow.


Faswall Construction

After a successful foundation pour as seen on picture bellow, we have been building the Faswall wall. Faswall ( is a green wood fiber-cement blocks for building well insulated, breathable walls. It is a choice that has a lower embedded energy and is a perfect fit for the AGS heating system that we are implementing.

In the pictures you can see the big truck pouring cement on the foundation and a couple of views of the Faswall.


Foundation concrete pour…

Today is an important day for Eagleyew. We will pour concrete to the prepared foundations for the house.

What is Eagleyew, you ask? Eagleyew is a timber frame/light clay house being built on Vancouver Island that will attempt to create a home that adheres to the Natural Building principles.

It’s name comes from the fact that it will include many details in yew wood. It is being built on a lot sub-divided from Eaglenest, a house on the side of the Kocksilah river with a 20 acre forest.

The idea of this blog is to share with the world the experiences of building in a natural way, taking advantage of, and not abusing, the environment.

The project started more than 3 years ago, when I applied for a sub-division of my property. It took more than 2 years to get the subdiviion and more than 8 months to start contruction, once I secured the sub-division.

We are now in full swing, with a few weeks delay on the projected schedule.

Digital model of natural building

Digital Model of Eagleyew

Above you will see a digital 3D model of the expected building.