Today is an important day for Eagleyew. We will pour concrete to the prepared foundations for the house.

What is Eagleyew, you ask? Eagleyew is a timber frame/light clay house being built on Vancouver Island that will attempt to create a home that adheres to the Natural Building principles.

It’s name comes from the fact that it will include many details in yew wood. It is being built on a lot sub-divided from Eaglenest, a house on the side of the Kocksilah river with a 20 acre forest.

The idea of this blog is to share with the world the experiences of building in a natural way, taking advantage of, and not abusing, the environment.

The project started more than 3 years ago, when I applied for a sub-division of my property. It took more than 2 years to get the subdiviion and more than 8 months to start contruction, once I secured the sub-division.

We are now in full swing, with a few weeks delay on the projected schedule.

Digital model of natural building

Digital Model of Eagleyew

Above you will see a digital 3D model of the expected building.